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    Aug 2004
    No, not THAT first time.
    When was the first time you saw something in this trade that made you say, "Woah... That is amazing! I want to work on stuff like this!"

    It just happwened to me yesterday. I had the privledge of working with one of the journeymen in our company at a store with a central plant. I was in awe standing in a room where an evaporator coil made up one wall and a 12' tall blower assembly.

    Eh, maybe I'm just strange, maybe simple things amuse me, or maybe just a bit of both.
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    when i was a lowly apprentice, we did a lot of retrofit work. boiler changeouts chiller changeouts etc. then one day we were told that there was a big job coming up. keep in mind that most of the chillers we replaced were between 750 and 1200 tons. well, one day we were sent to the "big job" and it turned out to be three 2800 ton chillers that needed to be piped. the machines were sitting in a building with nothing else started yet. that job was probably the most fun ive had and that was in the late eighties.

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    On one of my very first days in the trade.I was leaning up against the door to an 1,250,000 cfm air handler (didn't know) and asked the senior tech that I was with where the air handler was and he said you are leaning against it.

    I almost **** my pants.

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    Dec 2002

    At a chemical plant

    In southeast Texas!! Worked on two 1000 ton centrifugals that used propane for refrigerant and used 24,000 volt power source.

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    Feb 2004
    Holly ****! Propane for refrigerant? Wow that is interesting.

    What would happen if an evaperator got a leak? Hope no one is smoking if a valve seal lets go... HEHEHE

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    Oct 2001
    a Thermotron box at Grumman Corp drop down to -275F and the EB WELD when they welded up the nose cones for the MX Missles in a vacuum.
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    The biggest air conditioning plant I ever seen was in the State Plaza in Albany NY. The Carrier foreman took our RSES chapter on a tour of the place. They use the Hudson River for condenser water. The enviromentalist determined that this plant could raise the temperature of the River by 2F and kill the fish. So all the water has to go into a reflection pool and be airated before it is returned to the River.
    You can see the reflection pools in this picture. All of these buildings, plus the State Capitol and a gaint convention center are all off the same system.

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    Jan 2003
    San Jose, Ca
    When I was a kid. Walking into the Ice and cold storage plant where my dad worked. The place had old compressors. NH3. Most of the machines were slow speed cross head types with flat belts and one of them "Grandma" had a 9 foot flywheel, with a syncronious (sp) motor for power factor correction.
    As I got older I could walk in there and by listening I could tell which machines were running.
    The place was by theroy should have been able to produce 390,000 tons a day, but could deliever 490,000 tons.
    When I was in college the place was sold. New owner descided to do away with the watch engineer. He replaced all the compressors with two large screw machines that could run with no one there at night. In 1969 power bill increased by $10,000 per month. 18 months later they went bankrupt and closed the plant.
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    Hey Len, could you draw out the specs on that old plant? Sounds like it worked better than what we have today to work with.

    Just an idea.

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    Almost 30 years ago, huge sewer sump pit at a downtown Murphy's 5 & 10 store. Every so often the float ball would rot off and someone had to climb down in and replace it, the pit was full of crap, tampax, dead rats, snot like stuff and whatever. Was standing there with some of my dads other guys who were plumbers, I said, "don't look at me I'm the A/C guy in this outfit."
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    Feb 2003
    i went on a tour if an ammonia refrigeration plant once.
    i coudnt believe the size of these compressors.
    there was a service guy working in the sump of one of them.
    they were using chain falls for the pistons.
    and the dinousor sockets set they were using-huge

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    Jun 2001
    Daytona Beach
    Propane is a direct drop in for R-12.
    I know of at least one person who used it in his car.
    He got scared of having a leak so he changed it out.

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    When I saw a Scotsman belt drive ice maker work.
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