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    Hello all,

    I need some advice. i am in contract to purchase a 2 family unit. I assumed that since there are two brand new gas furnaces, there would be two separate meters. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The owner took out the old oil heating system and replaced it w a new gas furnace a couple of years ago. But, he did NOT install a new meter. So, i would be paying for both units heating bills, which is not cool! I need to know if you guys think it will be a relatively inexpensive and easy fix to add a new meter. The first floor is heated w FHW by Nat Gas. The second and third floors are heated with Steam heat by Nat gas. Again, this second unit was originally separately heated by oil heat, which the owner paid 9k to remove and upgrade to gas (I wish he had just left it alone!!). Any help or advice will be appreciated.!!


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    Hmm Second gas meter

    Bigbadv.Getting the second gas meter should'nt be a big
    problem at all.Just call your gas company and they should be able to set you up.In my neck of the woods they would probably do it for free.Or somewhere around three or four hundred bucks.Now for the fun part.Depending on how the gas piping is run in your duplex.Seperating the gas supply line (or lines)to the furnaces could be relitively simple or a down right pain.The only way I know of for you to know is to find a gas piping company to come out and take a looksy for you.It all depends on how the gas pipe was run in the first place.I would highly recommend that you pull a permit for the gas piping work.In this area a lot of this kinda work is "just" done.It sounds like you will be renting these places out and if you have tenents you will you have to have to cover your back side for the obvious liability
    reasons. Good luck.


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    Here you need a permit to get a meter. Also lines need to be permanently marked (metal tags)

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    my last job as subcontractor for Sears in 1964 was 4 furn, 5 meters, so landlord furnished HW, could furnish gas heat to any of the 4 apt as part of the higher rent. Inspector turned it down, I had to get to his supervisor, who said ok.
    -- just more $$$ & time.

    get an understanding with City Insp dept & gas co AHEAD.

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    Sometimes the home is not legaly listed as a 2 family on the tax roles so you can't get 2 meters ($$$ for the tax man). If it's OK'd by the utility, usually a licensed plumber will need to file permit. You probably have to pay for all piping and the meter piping. Utility will tie it into the main.

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    We have insatalled an in-line meter in the gas line. You subtract one from the other and come up with seperate bills. A cheap solution in a complex situation.
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    Just like gasman said. Talk to your local gas company about their requirments to install a new meter. Not a big deal. Like Mike says, need a permit and inspection signed off by the city. Hope their not in PG&E territory Mike!
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