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    On this Trane Variable Speed Air Handler model TWE037E13FB, highboy, upflow, there is a vertically positioned Electro-Air electronic air cleaner. I have recommended removal of the cells due to homeowner lack of frequent maintenance. In the cabinet where the cells belong, I found a 5 inch pleated media (Merv 8) filter that will properly fit. I can also place a 1 inch pleated media filter (Merv 8) in the air handler filter drawer in the horizontal position just below the coil. In addition, I can also place another 1 inch pleated media filter in BOTH pre-filter slots on both sides on the air cleaner box. As you can see, this unit can accommodate a total of 4 filters. I realize that 4 filters are both unnecessary and redundant. I also realize that static pressure drop is not an issue with the variable speed air handler. The 1 inch filters would be cheaper but require more frequent changes than the 5 inch one. With all of these possible configurations, what are your recommendations for the most efficient (air quality and cost) placement of filter(s)?

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    Personaly if it was me I would just use the 5 incher since there was a concern with the Electronic Air Cleaner not being monitered, that way saves them the time of having to replace those 1 inchers more frequently, I know with elderly people up here they go with the larger media filters due to most of the furnaces being in the basements a lot easier on them.
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    Pressure drop thru "all " of those filters ,would most likey be a concern.

    I'd go with one ,4 or 5" filter,but check the External Static ,to be sure it can handle it.

    What size would the filter be and how many cfms maximum?

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    Cool Air filters

    I run into the"I forgot" to clean
    the cells all the time!I do not
    know what mystical force over
    comes peaple when electronic
    air filters are installed
    but it is truely a powerful
    thing.If I ever thought that
    getting folks to change their
    filters in the first place.
    than EAC's are how you get them
    to forget all together!
    But to answer you question
    just go with the 5"x?x?
    filter.They really air the best
    thing going these day. On word
    on your"I know" Static can still
    be a real issue with the V/S.
    ether the ducting is just plain
    to small.(read real loud) and
    work the motor to hard for
    longevity.Or the one that I
    always find funny(ina sick way)
    I have seen the five tons
    suck the filters in. Damm
    those things get to thinking
    there not moving enough air
    and start to to lean into
    the work at hand and BAM
    instant paper shreader.
    Good luck.

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    Dash--- Filters are 20 x 20. Total CFMs are 1200 for cooling and 1050 for heating (3 ton heatpump). I had a thought that additional 1 inchers would provide a better chance of catching the dirt that slips through the previous filter(s). I want to keep the blower real clean!

    41gasman--- "...instant paper shredder... YUK! Sounds like a big mess.

    Thank you.

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