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    Hey guys,

    I am having an old Lennox air conditioner (R22)replaced with an Amana RTG 36. The new heat pump is R410A. Replacing the line set will be very problematic but could be done if necessary.

    My question it necassary?

    I have talked to havc guys locally and the answers are all over the map. The guy here doing the work said that he will abide by the consensus of the have at it.

    From reading the board I know that there is lots of opinion out there.......LOL.


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    If it's sized properly,no need to replace it.Hindreds installed here ,no problems.

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    I'd change it if it were my home, but thats just me.

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    We change them out all the time but you don't have to thats up to you I would just do it why you have a installer their, some times it is hard to change them out if they are in the wall.

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