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    I am presently in the process of buying a HVAC system, HP & AH
    and Tstat. (System will replace 20+ yr Carrier 2 1/2 ton with oil back up)

    What constitutes a good instalation?

    How do I know that it has been installed correctly.

    In my discussions one contractor offered to put gauges on the system. Should a sight glass be included?

    Another offered to put flex connectors and acoustic lining to supply and return plennum.

    What should the contractor supply me with to show that it is installed properly.


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    I believe here it is code to have a flex connector installed on the duct. I dont do a lot of sheet metal/ Ductwork. I believe it is a good practice to install sight glasses on ac/refrigeration systems but it is rarely done here. Make sure your contractor installs a filter drier on that system.

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    A few of the things to look for in getting a new system installed properly are:

    1. Load calc to confirm the correct size of equipment and duct work.
    2. Properly sized line set (If going to a higher SEER for example, dont let the contractor re-use the existing line set)
    3. Sight glasses are nice but more important, you need to insist on a liquid line filter (preferably at the evap location)
    4. Purging nitrogen gas while brazing copper is a good practice (but not many do this)
    5. Pulling a deep vacuum is a must and using a good micron gauge also (using the hose set will never tell a good vacuum)
    6. Make sure the vacuum is done while outdoor temps are at least 65deg F
    7. Any duct work that can be reached should be sealed with a good mastic.
    8. The new filter section should allow the use of common size filters and also provide a good tight fit.
    9. If the duct is exposed, say like in an attic or crawl must be wrapped with insulation (around here it must be R-6)
    10. Condensate removal is important. Without knowing your application its hard to recommend what you need.
    11. Ask for a factory stat to avoid wiring problems.
    12. Since your stat is over 20 years old, make sure the contractor will pull new stat wire with enough colors to make all the required connections.
    13. Make sure when the install is complete that you and the contractor sit down and submit all warranty info.
    14. Its also a good idea to have your ducts cleaned at this time.

    These are just a few things off the top of my head, however the important thing to keep in mind is that if your looking based on price, you wont see much of the above. A good QUALITY install will require more time and add to the quote. I hope this helps, and Im sure others will add to the list abovegood luck and keep us posted

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