So I had my mind all made up on what furnace I was going to go with, a single-stage 90 percenter Trane to replace my dying heat pump.

As the time gets closer (currently waiting for gas company to run their gas line in), I find myself questioning my original decision.

Through the reading I have done the last couple of days, it sounds like variable speed is a real nice addition to the comfort of a home. I could upgrade to the Trane XV90 for about another $1k above the single stage. I know it won't increase the efficiency, but I can definately see how it would maintain a nice even temperature.

I am planning to be in hy home for at least 10 years, and want to enjoy my time there and not skimp out on something that could increase our comfort.

So, anyone out there that has variable speed in there home: is it worth it? Would you pay $1k more for it?