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    Ever adjust a lockformer pittisburg machine? can you give me a refresher on the top 4 bolts? should I have to readjust for each size material?

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    I'm not tinner,but I'll try to help.I have a flager and I
    run 26 thru it most of the time,I have the bolts set where the metal run thru with out me having to force it thru when it get to the end.

    I have it set at just where a penny will lay flat and flush with the seam.Tt seem to accept 24 guage with no problem but thats the capacity on this machine.

    For a tighter pittsburg seam you tighten down on the blots,
    for a wider seam you go up on them.

    If the metal will not go thru the machine when it get to the end without being force thru you have them to tight and
    you are getting close tolerence of the machine and possible
    loosing some teeth on the gears.

    Hope this helps.And no joking me about my flager.

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    we had a 20 ga lockformer that the shop forman insisted would run 18 gauge- I remember them beating that material to get it out at times-instead of looosining the bolts

    they ran everything through the same settting so some seams were tight / some to loose

    18 gauge busted gears just about every time and the upper and lower dies on our roto die, before he finally decided not to do that again

    i going back into the maintenance end next week

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    sorry boys....i spent 2 years of my apprenticeship in the shop, that was about 12 years ago. i'm mainly outside.

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