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Thread: Return Air

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    I am from Eastern Virginia, where the temperature is moderate in summer and winter. Those pre a/c homes have filters at the furnace, and the return trunks are the same size as the supply. Some of these even have the supply runs on the inside walls and the returns on the outside walls.

    Every thing built after the early 70's has central returns in the hall, sometimes one in the family room or master bedroom.

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    supply runs on the inside walls and the returns on the outside walls.

    There is some hvac companies that do that today & they claim that it is better that way.

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    Central Va- seen elaborate aluminum duct systems with return and supply in each room. usually branching trunk systems, not too friendly to any changes. They were all heat only systems. And most have return restriction- usuallly run .5" esp.
    We've reworked returns in a number of homes due to catching return problems at startup of new equipment. Never multi returns because people won't pay for it. Same reason single return systems are so common-value engineering when the bugdet gets tight.
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