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    Where does one make the choice to go 80% or 90%+ on
    gas furnaces. I live in VA Beach, VA. I am about to replace 2 HVAC systems that are 19 years old. Over the last 10-years our winters have gotten colder. Having said this, our summers are also getting hotter with very high humidity so I am not sure what SEER rating I should be looking for. Would appreciate the help on both a furnace and a/c unit rating recommendation. My house is 2400 sq feet, 2-story and has a very open floor plan with 16 ft ceilings.

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    Go with a Rheem Modulating furnace.

    Do a search to find out more about it.
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    Your still in a cold region of the US, so I would go with 90% heat and about 14 seer a/c.

    Starting Jan of 2006, 13 seer will be the lowest available.
    Might as well step up now and be ahead of the game.

    You could go higher in seer but once you get to 14, all you'll do is spend more cash for little extra savings.
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