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    We have a Dayton forced air gas furnace..that at best guess is maybe between 6-9 years old...Recently It will try to kick on serveral times then either start up or it won't then when it does kick on it will continue to stop and start..

    Any tips on what we can do..Is more info needed? Thanks in advance

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    Make sure your air filter is clean, the vent outside isn't blocked, and call for service.

    Don't change any parts, or try adjusting anything.

    Carbon monoxide is not something to mess aroud with.

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    Thanks for the reply..We pulled out the thin filter and ran water through it to clean it,Let it dry and put it back in..Is there another filter and i'm not sure what filter you mean outside..Thanks again.

    BTW we cleaned this thin filter a couple of weeks ago..It looks alot like the filter in a window unit AC..After we cleaned that it did seem to work a bit better for maybe a day or two..

    Also when i flip the switch on the wall from on to off..sometimes if will kick on and sometimes not..But If i go from off to on it will always try..But if i just leave the heat turned to on it will try a few times and then nada...

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    The unit is going into system lock out because it is detecting someting unusual. Most likely the flame senser neds cleaned. It is a maintenance issue, get the unit professionaly inspected and cleaned. Even if it is a safety issue or part failure the contractor should be able to get to the bottom of it.

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    Guys you better be careful. In your effort to 'assist' the customer, you provide some insight and even suggest what the problem may be and what needs to be done to correct it! In the very next breath, you advise them not to mess with it themselves because of the danger and to call a professional. Don't you think if they weren't trying to 'fix it themselves' they would have already called a professional? Sorry Mr. and Mrs. Homeowner, but when we start giving out service advice like this, it is a recipe for disaster. There have been posts on this very site, from attorneys no less, that were preparing a suit after a service tech was electrocuted changing a filter. A service tech! Not even a homeowner. Dont' mess with it. Period! Call a service provider! It is not, I repeat, not worth whatevr you think you might be saving. The problem for us, is when we impart this type of information, we don't KNOW if you're just researching, or are up to your elbows in the furnace!

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    Great will do now for those free Thanks again

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