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    OK luck you guys.The the only thing that got my attention on this one was that the guy just ask a simple question about where to find a blueprint that he could practice his newly found trade or whatever on.I didn't think it was to unreasonable of a question for the residential section of this forum.We all know how bad it has been as of late with people asking how to fix stuff that can really be dangerous for somebody who does not even have SOME background.Do you remember the guy a week ago that was replacing the gas valve
    in his furnace.Because not quite all the burners would light off all the time.Than it was what kind of pressure gage should I buy.Than it was "HOW DO I USE IT".Sure make me appreciate the guys like DallisBill or Davidki. H/O's who are making one hell of a solid effort to learn what makes a good system.They make this place a lot of fun.Sorry starting to ramble.

    Now everybody can come out of their rooms and watch Lorence Welck on the new color tv.And yes we can have ICE CREAM to!!!

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    Werent you the guy who clobbered rfc4 last weekend because he did a temporary 1/16 turn fix on his own furnance regulator.

    You claimed that "trashed" his furnace. And we see now that you didnt understand a thing that he said. No regulator was replaced, and he was asking to set the unit to spec with a manometer. Salem witch trials are not over are they?

    I think a long day of being around sheet metal gets to everyone - or maybe this forum hasn't been the same since Don Sleeth left

    The problem you have now is that when you decide to trash homeowner/DIY not everyone agrees on what a homeowner/DIY is. Best policy is dont say anything.

    Here is the scary news, outside HVAC, you all are homeowner/DIY also. Never work on your car? Never do your own fence? Could be dangerous and you are not putting money into the local contactors.

    As far a background goes, how do you know anythig about who knows what on BB? YOu thinking is very inside the box.

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