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    Originally posted by hvacprodmgr
    OK, curiosity question, and I may be wrong, but

    Did you go to one of UR's factory service schools in New England ? Is that where they told you about this ?

    Again, Just curious...
    ????? got me on that one?

    An old union pipe fitter taught me back in the late '60's.
    If he saw anyone using an adjustable on a flare nut he would throw them off the job. (mostly supermarkets.)

    He gave me one little tube of blue Leak Lock and he said,"here, this tube should last you for your entire career" I guess he didn't know I would last this long. I'm on my second tube.

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    UR has been running a series of factory service schools throughout New England and the Midwest. Not sure where and when in New England though. I'll have to checkt their events website again.

    Glad to hear that you run hard pipe. Best way to do it !!

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    Originally posted by wolfdog
    And then there are flare nut wrenches that are not crow foot.

    You also got your pigeon toe and chicken leg wrenches.
    Don't forget the cameltoe!

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    Ratcheting Flare Nut Wrenches?

    Imerial Eastman and Armstrong have ratcheting flare nut wrenches. Basically a box end wrench with a hinged opening.

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    Or the 'ol handy-dandy vice-grip pliers.
    Teach the apprentices right... and learn from their questions and ideas.

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