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    I am getting various bids to replace the downstairs A/C system on my house. It's hard to compare them because I'm getting a bunch of conflicting info about sizing.

    The guy I had out yesterday told me that a) my 3 ton unit was too big for the 1300 sq. foot. downstairs, and b) that my evaporator coil and condenser were mismatched (1.5 vs. 3 ton). He recommended going down to a 2.5 ton unit, and because of the mismatch he recommended changing the coil out as well. Of course from there it didn't take long before he recommended doing a full system replace "with the furnace thrown in for free if you get our premium unit."

    -- I've lived in this house for 18 years and have not noticed any ill-effects due to the supposed excessive capacity downstairs unit. In particular, no short cycling. Should I downsize to 2.5 tons, which would be the same size as my upstairs unit? I've read some of the other posts, and I know that square footage doesn't tell the full story. If there's another factor which caused the initial system to be spec'ed at 3 tons, I'm worried that I may regret downsizing.

    -- And what about the fact that I've supposedly been using a 1.5 ton coil (Lennox C16-21-00-1) all this time? How important is it that they match? Again, I haven't noticed any ill effects, and I'd rather not mess with the inside stuff if I don't have to. It seems to me that if I *do* downsize the outside unit to 2.5 tons, then at least I'll be making positive progress by reducing the amount of mismatch!

    Any advice appreciated...


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    P.S. Another piece of relevant info: I live in Austin, Texas. It gets hot and humid here (but not as humid as Houston!)

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    get rid of the c-16 coil just because it will start leaking soon if not already. go for matched system. if furnace is same age i would consider replacing that also due to the fact that is a lot cheaper to do it all at once than to come back and make duct work changes a second time

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    Don't forget to apply for the Austin Energy rebate.

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    Lennox in the past used model numbers that differed from other brands as far as determining the capacity, perhaps they were not familiar with Lennox and misinterpreted the size, I dont think a unit that grossly mismatched would have lived 18 years with no ill effects, if possible post the model numbers here.

    Regardless, if you replace the outdoor unit have a matching indoor coil installed as well

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    Its not likely that you actually have a 1.5 ton coil with a 3 ton coil,maybe they are getting the numbers wrong on the one you have a set-up like this should have died a long time ago, that mis-match should have drained the oil out of the compressor and killed it.

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    Can you post the m#s of your outdoor units.
    Contractor locator map


    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    I have heard of people putting in smaller coils in Texas, but it has to have a TXV. Dehumidify's better.
    CB: better to put in a complete system, just get 3 bids unless you have a very good referal from somebody you know.

    Eddy think you got it backwards, its 3 ton condenser- 1.5 ton evaporator.

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    I appreciate all the responses. For those who asked, here are my current model numbers.

    Outdoor unit: Lennox HS22-411V-2P.
    Evap. Coil: Lennox C16-21-00-1

    I didn't mean to imply that these systems had been in place for the full 18 years I've been in my house. Only that I've been using a 3-ton outdoor unit the entire time. The entire system was replaced in 1990 when the above units were installed.

    Proposal 1 is to replace outdoor condenser with an HS27-030 (2.5 ton) and the coil with a BV13448.

    Proposal 2 is to do a full system replace with an 2.5 ton HSXA-15.



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    Is anybody able to confirm that I do indeed have a 3 ton/1.5 ton mismatch based on the model numbers I posted above?


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    Originally posted by cbkiteflyer
    Is anybody able to confirm that I do indeed have a 3 ton/1.5 ton mismatch based on the model numbers I posted above?

    Outdoor unit: Lennox HS22-411V-2P
    Approximately 41,000 btu = 3.41 tons

    Evap. Coil: Lennox C16-21-00-1
    Approximately 21,000 btu capacity = 1.75 tons

    Looks like a poor match to me, but your Lennox dealer can tell you more.

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    depending on coil match hs22-411 is rated 33,000-38,000
    btus. coil depending on 1 1/2 or 2 ton unit is 19,000-
    22,000 btu. definately a bad mismatch. probably dehumdified like a bandit but very costly to run.

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    Reply of model to tonage

    hs18- aprox 26K btu 2ton
    hs19-311 2.5 ton

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