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    I've noticed some cleaners are just labeled "coil cleaner" while others specify evaporator coil cleaner or outdoor coil cleaner. Do you use the same cleaner on both coils? Is there a brand or type you prefer?

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    Typicaly your condenser-outdoor coil cleaner will be a stronger substance that requires to be rinsed off with water or it will discolor and "eat up" your coil. For the evaporator they are less strong and some do not even require to be rinsed as it will be done through coil condensation.
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    I wouldn't use the pink acid based coil cleaner on indoor coils unless you remove them and clean them outside the building and away from any grass, flowers or shrubs you don't want killed. It would also have to be rinsed very well.
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    use different kind for both. be safe.

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