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    Where to drain condensation from Hi-Efficiency Furnace

    Hello Guys and seasons greetings.

    I have a question currently my Hi-Efficiency furnace condensation is pumped to the laundry room and drained into the floor drain. I am wondereing if that is correct, will there be any problems doing that.

    I was thinking to relocate it to where my washer drains to, the washer is attached to a pee-trap which is attach to the septic pipes and then goes to city sewer.

    Which method would be better (floor drain or septic pipes), hope I get all the terminologies correct, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



    (I should mention that my house is 40 years old and the washer drain to the septic pipes (stack) which are made of cast iron, so I am wondering if it is safe to drain the furnace condensation there since it is slightly acidic. Or is it better to just drain into the floor drain?? )

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    You should always tie it into the sewer whenever possible is my opinion. Both drains are going to the same place, seen it both ways and done it both ways.

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    I have a "similar" issue with a condensing water heater in my laundromat. The condensate is pumped to a sump but we have a cartridge in-line that is filled with limestone that neutralizes the water before it discharges.

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    thank you basshound71,

    I was having a discussion with my friend and he said that if I drain the condensation from the furnace into the cast iron pumbing stack via the washing machine pipes that it can damage it since it is slightly acidic. His recommendation was to leave it into the floor drain but the only problem is tha the tube that extends to the floor drain pose a trip hazzard since it is right in front a door way, would be nice to relocate to the washing machine pipes which is tapped into the plumbing stack (cast iron) and out of the way.

    What do you think is he correct?

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    Slightly acidic yes but have you ever had to use drain thats acidic. If you are worried about it put a neutralizer on it and be done with it.

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    The way it is piped is just fine.

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    Less acidic than the cola you drink

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    Quote Originally Posted by BaldLoonie View Post
    Less acidic than the cola you drink
    Doesn’t the Rum neutralize the Coke?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pecmsg View Post
    Doesn’t the Rum neutralize the Coke?

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    I have been told that condensate into cast plumbing is a bad idea. I have never seen cast plumbing deteriorate to the point of unusable but it only makes sense that it will happen in time. I have seen what happens to copper piping if it is installed in a condensate drain from a gas appliance, within a few years it is completely rotted through. The same corrosion is apparent in a furnace cabinet on the galvanized sheet metal if condensate leaks even overnight.
    Being that you don't want to trip over it on the floor anyway, I would say you should have it piped to the laundry standpipe. At least the water from the washer draining will dilute the condensate a wash it down the drain regularly. A neutralizer kit is the way to deal with it either way, but they do need to be cleaned or replaced regularly.

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    [QUOTE=BaldLoonie;8835981]Less acidic than the cola you drink :

    Don't forget all the different household and oven cleaning products , soaps, shampoo's, beauty products that have phosphates, lyes, acids ,flourides, rocket-fuel and cell phones many more products not Bio-Degradable , to name just a few.

    Aluminum cookware, aluminum coffee makers, microwave oven, plastic, styrofoam cups, containers, non filtered drinking water.

    Oh, did I forget the attached garage with all the DIY products and old vehicles, lawnmowers, etc.

    Diet Cola's are even worse....ask any (old) professional doctor.

    Now....let me put my tin-foil hat back on.
    The trouble with life is there's no background music.

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    and all i drink is diet cola, ekkkk... there goes my internal plumbing

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