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    What does it do to upsize an indoor evap coil.

    Example: 3 Ton condenser

    4 Ton Evap coil

    Does this increase the Seer rating?

    Do you have to change the orifice size?


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    Originally posted by vapor_rush
    What does it do to upsize an indoor evap coil.

    Example: 3 Ton condenser

    4 Ton Evap coil

    Does this increase the Seer rating?

    In many cases yes, many higher SEER units have a larger indoor coil, provided the manufacturer lists the coil/outdoor unit as a match.

    Do you have to change the orifice size?

    Yes, if it has a fixed orifice metering device it must be sized to the outdoor unit

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    1st, you need to look into that particular piece of equipments spec book to see if its matched.
    I know on my personal system I have a 2 ton heat pump w/ a 3 ton coil because I can get around 15 1/4 SEER from it.
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    Increased SEER, decreased latent capacity meaning higher humidity. Not something to do in a humid climate though many manufacturers do it rather than use a TXV on "normal" sized coil.

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    There have been many discussions about the pro's and con's of over and undersizing coils. Try the search feature above for hours of reading.
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    Question Oversized indoor coil

    BaldLoonie. So per the example
    if I went with the 4 ton coil
    with a 3 ton condenser with
    a txv will this give a substantially
    higher seer with out loosing
    to much latent capacity?
    When I first got into this trade
    the guy I worked for did this
    a lot. Minus the txv.He did not
    no why he would go a half to one
    ton over size on the indoor coil
    just that thats what his dad
    taught him to do.And they never
    had any problems.He would use
    a txv only if the whole system
    scared him.Retro fit job big
    house lousy ducting and it
    had "alot of glass you know"
    and with the hot afternoon sun
    and all! I learned a lot from this
    guy NOT because he was very good
    OR knowledgeable.Bot because
    he would take me to a job and
    say "this is what I was thinking"
    but do what you want to.Get
    what you need from the supply
    house.Then thereI would be
    in front of the customer.....
    Put a lot of pressure on me.
    But I have a strong need to not
    only be right.But right the first
    time.That and I just hve to do
    right by the customer.

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    We oversize just a half of a ton I haven't looked into it but I was told that it wasn't good to oversize a hole ton but sometimes we do.This would be a good question for NormChris.

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    Lennox 36HC coil /w/txv on Lennox Horizontal Gas Furnace with American Standard 12.0 S.E.E.R. CONDENSER

    I drop my electric bill in summer 65.00 a month from
    10.0 s.e.e.r lennox 36acb change -out 2003
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    Something else to keep in mind is to make sure you have a sufficient size blower in that furnace or else coil will freeze
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