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    Hello, thank you for joining HVAC-Talk! We have a lot of HVAC Pros here
    who can help you make decisions and give advice about a broad range of
    comfort problems. We do have a policy, which we find works well, that
    stops us from giving explicit instructions on do it yourself repairs or
    installations. I respectfully ask that you respect this policy. Please do
    not be offended, the site is free and can not be everything to all
    members. You can read the complete set of rules here:

    Thank you

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    Thats the dumpest thing I have read from a H/O'er.

    You tell us you've read about the probable cause, yet you chose to screw with somthing that has nothing to do with your problem.

    Your ignition module lights the furnace, yet you want to tamper with it.

    Don't expect a helping hand here, it's not a DIY site.
    And your clearly one that doesn't listen or follow advice well.

    Sorry for the negative reply, I'm having one of those days I guess.
    If you try to fail, and succeed.
    Which have you done ?

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    Originally posted by wkassem
    I am new to this Board, but I am glad that it is there to help us fix our own HVAC.

    What I have red so far on here, it tells me that the Flame sensor bad and not the Ignition Module. Anyway, I am going to take off the ignition module and solder all the cold solders that might be on the printed board to see if that will do anything, before I try to do anything with the Flame sensor. Any advice would be appreciated.
    This has got to be a joke, messing with something you dont know about can get you killed in this case.

    My tire looks flat, I'm going to get the brakes done and see if that helps, then I'll look at the tire.

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    Instead of everyone critisizing and attacking, try helping. Remember these are H.Os that don't know any better. I know, if I was clueless about something I would not mess with it, but unfortunately ( or maybe fortunately) not everyone is like that. Solutions to your problem may be too technical for you and a qualified company in your area should be contacted... That wasn't that hard guys, was it?
    ## + years in the field never made you a know-it-all This industry is far more diverse than you are

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    BC1, thanks for deleting

    Gitr, I normally feel the same way but it just didnt look right, and I know I am having one of those days.

    I'm going to go kick my cat now

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    Where did you ever pick up that advice or idea, surely not here. Dont do that I mean soldering a board cmon, that is really dumb. I dont mean to be rude but part of our job as professionals is to educate our customers and sometimes DIYs. This is a really odd post.

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    That my friend is a classic way to hanle those kind of post
    Life goes on long after the thrill of living is gone.

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