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Thread: digital cameras

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    digital cameras

    thank you all for your kind responses.
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    I bought a Canon EOS 6.3mp camera with a 512 memory card. I can hold 500 pictures if I shoot low quality images but can still hold 150 or so if I set it at the highest quality. All of my other Canon EOS lens's fit it and it has worked great so far.

    I need a macro lens with flash now to take some good close ups of the attic jobs.
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    i started a thread on this topic about 2-3 weeks ago. i wound up buying an Olympus D-540 for $150 after rebate at Best Buy. you're gonna need an extra memory stick or card...that will be an extra $40-70, and a case at $15, and rechargable batteries because you get about 12-16 shots with 2 AA batteries.

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    Heres a tip or two
    1 go with 3 or more megapixel
    2 get extra mem card at least 128meg or more
    3 go with optical zoom min 3X 8X is good 10X is great.
    4 go with LI-ion batteries they last a long time and cameras get time remaining on the display (they tell you how much time you have left before recharge
    5 keep it simple forget about extra gimmicks
    6 get an idea of the photo modes EG most photo shops req jpeg photos as a standard format so be sure your camera can take photos in Jpeg format
    7 be sure you have several choices for photo size Eg 1200 X1600 640X480 etc
    8 look for several flash levels soft flash fill flash etc.
    9 look for ease of use cameras the easier it is for you to use the more likely you will use it
    10 most cameras take great photos in bright out door locations the difference is indoors under low light and flash conditions so check the cameras low light operation
    11 don't worry about the view finder you will always use the screen on the back of the camera

    Sony is ok nikon and olympus and cannon are much better

    I recomend the olympus C700 ultra zoom series cameras 4 mp 10X optical zoom LI-ion battery C760 etc - The best tool bags on the market - The offical tool bag of choice by techs everywhere

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    I agree with what the Penguin said. Good points made there!

    I recently visited a Rity camera store. They got a nice Nikon for just under two hundred. Comes with lots of hours of instruction time to make the most of the new purchase. Very important for a new toy like a digital camera.
    If price is your top priority, then go to ebay. But if you want support and or training, visit a local store. One that specializes in the product you are purchasing.

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    i have a hp and nikon love them both hp for work and nikon is for home with the wifey and kids just my preference though

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    I have the Olympus Camedia 5000, it is easy to use as a point and shoot, or you can get fancy with it. It is about $600.00 at Best Buy, so save up those BB points that BB gives and the price comes down. Since this is for your business, you should buy the extra battery and card, that way you can always have a fresh battery and card for those times where you'll need to take a couple of hundred pictures of your best(vacations)jobs.

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