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    old york heat pump m#e1cp024q6a
    pressure was 40 at compressor and 100 at 3/4 line to indoor coil. out door ambiant was 25 degrees.
    heat at reversing valve was going to outdoor coil and to indoor coil as it should. i think the rev. valve is bad. tried to get it to switch postions by appling 24 volts to the coil but the valve would not move.i understand if the unit was low on refrig the valve wont move but this rev.valve should default to heat mode and not be stuck in defrost postion.cust said the unit worked well untill today.just lloking to make sure i did not over look something.

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    Mesure temps across RV. If it didn't switch than the valve is bad or the solinoid coil is bad. Pressure should be high enough to switch.
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    Ohm out the solenoid see if its open or energized or what or try another one,

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