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    Hey brother, can ya spare $10,429.64?

    Cause that's what we each owe. Thank's 111th congress.

    Of course that $ goes way up because of those that pay no taxes and actually get more back each year than they paid in.
    Politicians need to be changed like diapers, and for the same reason.
    Mark Twain

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    I too get upset when some get back more than they paid plus more. However, I just read a good article that said the 2011 tax cut cost the Gov passed will cost $858 billion (BILLION) of which only (????) $15.7 billion was for earned income tax credit for low-income families. So, maybe we would have to look at the 49+% that don't pay any income taxes instead.

    Oh, the 1 year cut of 2% to the Social Security tax paid by workers will cost $112 billion or close to 10 times the earned income tax credit. So maybe they shouldn't have picked on the old people as an excuse to steal some more intended for that program. While they keep trying to tell us that SS isn't broke yet, where is all of that money that is supposed to pay SS benefits? Looks like another $112 billion just disappeared just like the other trillions that we can't find. Thank goodness the kids and grandkids (and maybe the great, great, .... great grandkids) will be there to pay that back to SS, right?

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