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    Different Electric Rate Than Neighbors

    Ok folks, here's one for you. My wife and I moved into our new house about 9 months ago. Since then we had a semi hot July and hot August. Our electric bill was around $200 which I thought was ok since we have a fairly large house. Fast forward to Dec & Jan and to some pretty cold days. Our electric bill has gone up considerably. Was a little disappointed but had nothing to compare it to so we are taking it as it comes.

    Here comes the big ah ha moment for me. We had the opportunity to buy our neighbors property and did so. We shared a driveway and really wanted to be able to control who our neighbors were. Well I got my first electric bill on the neighbors property. Same electric service provider for my residence as well as for the neighbors house. I have a flat rate of .0985 per kwh. There bill starts off at .1015 for the first 1000 kwh and then drops down to a lower price per kwh for the next 400 and then after that it goes to another lower rate for the remaining kwh usage.

    I phoned my electric service provider to tell them and they informed me I was on a commercial rate since I had a shop built on the property before my house was there. I have one meter for neighbors house and one meter for my house. I am trying to get this resolved with power company but it has been a little frustrating. Hope to hear back form them soon to resolve. They have already informed me that they won't make my rates retro active to the move in date in April. Kinda a bummer cause it would be a nice little chunk of money we could've saved.

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    You may want to contact your Public utility Commission.

    Good luck.
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