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    Want to verify system qualifies for tax rebate

    I wanted to verify my new system qualifies for the federal tax rebate ... I went to the AHRI directory and it is asking for info like "AHRI Type", ... I located the Manufactures Data Sheet on my unit, but it doesn't list that information and it only lists one number for the Heating and Cooling capacity (not a range) ... is there somewhere out in Cyberspace where you can just enter the model number for the inside and outside units and get confirmation this system qualifies for the govt. rebate? Thanks.

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    call the installing contractor and ask them

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    Do you have the model numbers/manufacturer for the equipment installed? Did they leave you with the AHRI number?

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    The qualifying system should have a certificate that can be sent to you. its rather easy if it qualifies. the vendors around here send them out in an email.

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