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    we have a 1.5 yr old building that we did the mechanical install. our control sub installed distech controls ec-rtu,ec-4c,ec-12c,ec-vavc. our sub has gone out of buisness and will not respond.

    distech wants 2500 for the software. is there any hope of accessing this system through lonspec? i have been using lonspec for a short time and i'm wondering how difficult it would be. any help would be appreciated.

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    Just get Circon NI instead.

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    Were you at what state?

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    If you want to use Distech's software and have the job database, then I beleive, you can:
    go to
    Install it, this will give you Licensed version + a Demo version of Lonwatcher software.
    Demo version is free and it will allow you to import existing databases.
    The only functional restriction of the Demo version is that you can not add NEW devices into your system for that you Licensed version, but all the existing devices can be accessed and modified. I am not sure if this helps you.

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    That free Distec thing sounds like the way to go. If this does not work you can import the XIF's from the Distec devices into LonStation and you could see them as thirdparty devices, and you should be able to write to their NV's.

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    The Distech idea is good, then you ruin it by talking LONspec, which would be the inferior product.

    If it allows you to import existing databases, you could convert your h-well jobs over as it handles plugins. Big step up from Lonspec.

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