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    Piping to internal condensate trap

    Hello all, just had a new Bryant Evolution 95s furnace installed a couple of days ago. This forum was a tremendous help as I was sorting through bids and sales pitches from various contractors. Thanks to all of the helpful people on this forum I feel like we got exactly the system we wanted.

    The installation went very well with one exception – the internal condensate line is leaking into the bottom of the unit. I noticed a little bit of water on the floor coming from the bottom of the unit and found that the condensate drain line was not fully seated where it connects to the condensate trap. I “friction fitted” the line onto the nipple for now and that seems to have corrected the problem, but I wanted to get your input as to whether or not the condensate drain line should be glued to the nipple on the condensate trap. This seems like a no-brainer to me, but just wanted to get some feedback before I call the installer back out. Thanks for any help!

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    yes glue all joints,most would say not to only because it makes it easier to unscrew the nipple and save the pipe,but it should be glued.

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    Read the installation manual & see what it says. Some manufacturers recommend not gluing the first fitting on the trap assembly to make it accessible for cleaning later.

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    If I'm not mistake. You are to use a rubber hose supplied with the furnace for your first connection to the trap, then they supply a pvc fitting to connect to that hose where you glue your hard pvc pipe onto it.
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