So wifey wants to replace our "ugly" metal return air duct grate with a "fancy" carved wooden one.
Fair enough.
So I'm looking at it.

The return grate is situated about a foot below the ceiling, actually, two of them are,
in adjacent rooms (share the wall, vents not connected). Wouldn't it be better
to be returning the cooler air from the floor level? It has to route it down to the crawlspace anyways,
so it seems like a big mistake.

I"m not a HVAC professional by any means but at face value, this is wrong, no?
The house was built in 1960 and these are in two bedrooms.

Any thoughts?

This house does have central air, but that was installed quite a bit after 1960. It seems to me that in Chicago,
heating would take precednce to return cold air than cooling would, to return the warmer air. Or, I'm nuts.