I'm gathering bids for a new a/c unit, furnace and ductwork, but am having problems comparing the variables of different quotes. I think I'm leaning toward either Trane or Carrier; want high quality (but don't need top of the line) and am willing to pay, but need recommendations on which is better. Would also like thoughts on single versus 2 speed - does the latter justify the huge price jump? Lastly, ductwork. I currently have rigid pipe; some runs are inefficient and need rerouting and all needs to be reinsulated if kept. Most suggest replacing all with flex duct, BUT some balk at the idea and say I'd be crazy to replace what's there (rewrapping is more expensive than replacing all with flex). Is one more efficient than the other? Isn't flex duct more prone to mold? So much information, so much confusion! Any help will be greatly appreciated!!

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