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    Will an AIREASE heatpump and air handler work with a Honeywell NewVisionPro 8000 Thermostat 8000 Series

    Will it save me money?
    Are they hard to hook up?


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    Works great! In cooler weather, it is possible that a heat setback will cost more than it saves if the house can't be warmed up by the heat pump. When outdoor temp is near or below the balance point, backup heat has to do the work and may cost more than the setback saved. In cooling, there is pure savings.

    Heat pumps can be tricky wiring since there isn't a real standard on color codes and terminal ID. The manual with the Vision Pro is good and if the installer used the usual Air Ease wiring, might be something you could do yourself. But we've made some good bucks, correcting wiring and replacing damaged transformers from DIY heat pump stat installs

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    Wink Good stat

    Good stat bad application bald loonie is right. If you
    set your heat back more that a couple of degrees it
    will end up costing you.Also depends where you are
    I dont like set back stats in the south period.If you
    have an oil furnace with a well insuated home(up north) you will
    have some savings.That said in the south alot of homes(most)
    are 2x4 walls with very poor insulation .In that
    application its better to find a comfortable temp and
    leave it alone.

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