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    Wink big or little

    Big or little.You can get bad work out of either.Look
    for a professional attitude in the sales person and
    without being rude watch the unit go in if there in and
    out slam bam.If your not sure after the job is over
    hire a buliding inspector to drop buy just to take a
    peak.Personaly little shops can give good work but are
    financialy limited on the skill of help they can provide.
    Look at this way if you get burnt at least you tride.We
    guarantee no more than 2 degrees temp difference in any
    room in the house.If you realy want to weed out the
    hacks just say no flex duct(it will cost more)Flex is
    a hacks secret weapon for speed. good luck

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    Dude I was giving you the best deal I could. how can you be so sure I would have done a bad job, I knew the answers to all your questions didnt I. and who are you to say goodman isnt the best, I think they are, and so does my dad

    and yea you need a special licence to take apart those old lines , but if I am installing a system , dont you think I would have one of them

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