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    This question is to all of you with extensive LonWorks experience.
    I am comparing these two web servers. I see that one difference is that the NSX-1000 can be purchased with the capability of having the LNS server installed. How would you run the LNS server if you are using the iLonn 100E2?
    I hear that the iLon can have up to 500 NVE’s how many can the NSX?
    For a web-server beginner, which of the products would you recommend and why?
    I can see a definite cost advantage to the iLon. What can the NSX do that the iLon cannot?
    The building in question has 62 VAVs and 6 RTUs.
    Thanks in advance

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    • It's a WIN server.
    • They have their own graphical web generating software Altitude
    • It holds the LNS database, and you could have NI or LM on the box to get at PLUGINS
    • There are no "NVE's" as the box serves up data from the controllers directly
    • smart shapes for easy creation of web pages.
    • Third party driver capability

    The ilon100 is primarily a development platform running Vxworks OS. NVE's emulate actual variables from devices, and NVL's are direct binds. You typically need to know something about web page creation.

    For someone starting out, Plexus gives you Tridium functionality but still uses LNS.

    Both boxes would handle this project fairly easily. If you are making plugin changes, unless you can utilize the RNI from your office or don't mind hauling your laptop I'd go with Plexus. Obviously the ilon is much more inexpensive.

    Fire off an email for more info.

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