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Thread: Business Names

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    Quote Originally Posted by spotts View Post
    Chilly Willy Mechanical!

    Polar Mechanical.

    Stiff nipples A/C is taken. too bad.

    [Twin Peaks Refer? LOL]

    Energy Specialists

    Dependable Air.

    Whaddaya want? whaddaya thinking of so far? Where do you live?
    I think Chilly Willy sounds like a winner! Definitely a name no one will forget.

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    If you're going to service residential equipment, you'll definitely want a name the average consumer would understand like Texas Heating and Cooling. If you used a name like Texas Refrigeration, the average consumer would think that's a place to buy refrigerators. Texas Mechanical would be associated with construction equipment, car repair, etc.

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    A lot of funny names here. I laughed when I first saw Big Ass Fans. But it worked in their market.
    A resi company name is usually more personal or sends a message like economy or quality or locality. If you have a good last name, consider using it. It puts a person in the company's name. I'd avoid initials like J&B T&M, because it's common and can be confused or mixed up. An exception is 3 initials like IBM. For some reason they seem to work.
    A lot of commercial companies like names that sound corporate. They won't use a name like El Cheapo Heat/cool. They want to sound solid and like they have been around.
    So gear the name to your market. When I named my company I didn't want calls from the general public. I was after contractors, facility managers, and architects. I named it HVAC New Mexico. Most of the public doesn't know what HVAC means so they didn't call.
    The worse names are ones that don't tell a thing about the company. Just confuse. Like using names that don't relate.
    That's about all I know. What I.m really good at is naming bucking bulls. Like Aces N' Eights, or Buck Naked.
    I should have played the g'tar on the MTV. MK

    You can be anything you want......As long as you don't suck at it.

    SMW Lu49

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    Quote Originally Posted by hvacmd2002 View Post
    Currently a one-man band. Looking to form a new entity. Majoring in commercial refrigeration and air conditioning, heating if I have to, and little residential. Looking for a clever name. Ideas?
    Well since this thread has been revived yet again tell us what you named your company.

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    I want to name my company. Bald Eagle Air inc. "These colors don't run!, but your system should"

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