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Thread: Business Names

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    Quote Originally Posted by spotts View Post
    Chilly Willy Mechanical!

    Polar Mechanical.

    Stiff nipples A/C is taken. too bad.

    [Twin Peaks Refer? LOL]

    Energy Specialists

    Dependable Air.

    Whaddaya want? whaddaya thinking of so far? Where do you live?
    I think Chilly Willy sounds like a winner! Definitely a name no one will forget.

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    If you're going to service residential equipment, you'll definitely want a name the average consumer would understand like Texas Heating and Cooling. If you used a name like Texas Refrigeration, the average consumer would think that's a place to buy refrigerators. Texas Mechanical would be associated with construction equipment, car repair, etc.

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    A lot of funny names here. I laughed when I first saw Big Ass Fans. But it worked in their market.
    A resi company name is usually more personal or sends a message like economy or quality or locality. If you have a good last name, consider using it. It puts a person in the company's name. I'd avoid initials like J&B T&M, because it's common and can be confused or mixed up. An exception is 3 initials like IBM. For some reason they seem to work.
    A lot of commercial companies like names that sound corporate. They won't use a name like El Cheapo Heat/cool. They want to sound solid and like they have been around.
    So gear the name to your market. When I named my company I didn't want calls from the general public. I was after contractors, facility managers, and architects. I named it HVAC New Mexico. Most of the public doesn't know what HVAC means so they didn't call.
    The worse names are ones that don't tell a thing about the company. Just confuse. Like using names that don't relate.
    That's about all I know. What I.m really good at is naming bucking bulls. Like Aces N' Eights, or Buck Naked.
    I should have played the g'tar on the MTV. MK

    You can be anything you want......As long as you don't suck at it.

    SMW Lu49

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    Quote Originally Posted by hvacmd2002 View Post
    Currently a one-man band. Looking to form a new entity. Majoring in commercial refrigeration and air conditioning, heating if I have to, and little residential. Looking for a clever name. Ideas?
    Well since this thread has been revived yet again tell us what you named your company.
    You need to put the phone down and get back to work!

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    I want to name my company. Bald Eagle Air inc. "These colors don't run!, but your system should"

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