This has been a personal problem for me because I am loath to throw away any food. But those damn crumbs... what to do with them?

I got the recipe from my mom, it's un-named, I guess I would call it a mexican casserole. That is for lack of a better description. I thought it was pretty good eatin' , not super delicious, but certainly a solution to throwing out cornchip crumbs. If it were tweaked, it could probably be a really stunning dish:

Cornchip crumbs layer, quarter inch or more
Hamburger meat cooked/seasoned separately
ranch style beans
cream of chicken soup. this is not a typo
taco seasoning
sprinkle on a layer of cheese on top and bake it

I generally get great recipes from my mother, tweak them a little, and make great great great recipes. Pam, I am thinking half a stick of butter. Taco seasoning, I have no idea what that is and have never used it. Cream of chicken soup, now who in the he11 would put cream of chicken soup on hamburger meat? Mom. She mentioned texture as a reason, but it is a sort of sloppy casserole type dish anyway as they all are.

I would need a substitute for cream of chicken. And taco seasoning. I don't know, maybe simply picante sauce. One might have to experiment a little. It probably depends on how much cornchip crumb you use, because those need to be cooked in and therefore not left dry. If you just need it wetter, french onion soup came to mind,..... but damnation that sounds risky, as this is supposed to be a casserole and not a slop.

But the original dish was quite good as it was. No need to waste cornchip crumbs or have to eat them in the raw.