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    I have a Rheem heat pump that is 12 years old (the compresser was replaced 1/2004). I have noticed over the past couple of several weeks that the aux light on the thermostat is blinking. If I tap temp up a degree or two, the light comes on steady. If I tap it down a degree it to, the light goes off.

    The fact that it is blinking, should I be concerned?

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    The defrost board in the OU is bad. Put the t-stat on em-heat and call your serviceman in the morning. If you go outside to the condensor, you will here a clicking that is timed with the light blinking.

    If you let it go too long you run the risk of burning up fan relay and reversing valve.
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    Is the thermostat loose on the wall. Any vibrations against the wall??

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    The thermostat is not loose in fact I checked that yesterday as well as making sure that it is level...

    Thanks for the advice (both of you!)...


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