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Thread: Joel Osteen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Bill View Post
    Not that its wrong to state false teachers or bad teachings, but I feel we need to focus on the "error" and false teaching and not the teachers. Or else we are in danger of slander and a wrong spirit which is sin before God. Many people find it their ministry to full-time slander others! This never produces Godliness. We should focus our lives around drawing near to God and hunger for the truth to the point that we develop an insatiable appetite for the Word and covet earnestly the direction of the Holy Spirit to help us rightly divide.

    One thing I might add to the topic. I have at one time or another qualified to be considered, in the eyes of some, a false teacher. I did not always walk in the revelation that I now walk in, and so I taught some things that today I recognize as not being right in light of scripture. If I keep my heart right before the Lord I will no doubt at some point in the future look back at today and recognize some error that I am now teaching at Bible study. The point is that we are all growing in grace and truth. We really must keep that in perspective.

    Second, we sometimes label men as false teachers who do not hold to our particular take on doctrinal issues. i.e., a Word of Faith teacher and a very orthodox Baptist teacher may be tempted to label one another as false teachers. We must resist this tendency and instead turn to honest and prayerful study of the Word out of heart and desire for relationship and truth in our own inward life. Men who do such are little concerned with who might be the latest false teacher on the loose.Yes Mr. Bill attends Lakewood Church.
    Good post Bill!

    IMO each of us has overcome things in their lives... yet struggle wiht other things... nobody has 'arrived'. (If we had arrived, we would not need God... something I do not think humanity is capable of walking this side of the pearly gates.. and it would be IMO God's Grace to keep us short to protect us from the evils of a prideful attitude about our faith).

    I fully agree about the continuing journey (it is the journey, not the destination) of walking with God and growing in one's relationship with Him.

    The interesting thing to me is; It appears each person walks their OWN road! My road is not theh same as Bills or RoadHouses... Each of us, IMO, should seek God and let God show them (individually) the road for them.

    Time to get back on my road... one more call today...

    Your comfort, Your way, Everyday!

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    Twilly says a lot of you guys wouldn't have like Jesus either.
    No Heat No Cool You need Action Fast

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