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    Question SEER Rating versus Dollar Savings What do you Expect ???

    I have rentlessly serched the web for charts and have found a few. There are a couple of engineers charts and Carrier has one. It appears to me that when moving from a 14 SEER to a 15 SEER there is about a five dollar a month savings operating a 3 ton unit. Moving from a 14 SEER to a 16 SEER there is about a ten dollar a month savings operating a 3 ton unit.
    Do these numbers sound accurate or reasonable?
    Any replies will be much appreciated.

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    There are many variables which affect the amount of savings. This would include the cost of electricity, outside temperature, inside temperature, heat gain of the home, etc.

    In general moving up one point on the SEER rating does not translate into significant savings. In most cases it takes many years to see a pay back of the additional cost.

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    Thanks Mike for your reply

    I would like to think that the builder has left no stone un-turned when chosing the AC units. They are building a 4000 sqft, 2 story house in Houston Tx. (big heat load due to being right next door to Hell), with a Trane 3 ton up and a 4 ton down. To upgrade in SEER ratings it would cost 3k for a 15 SEER over a 14 SEER and 8k for a 16 SEER over a 14 SEER. I just cannot find information that will justify that kind of increase in cost. It is beginning to sound like the biggest bang for the buck is to install hard start kits on both of the 14 SEER single stage units.

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