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    Originally posted by BaldLoonie
    Also, HV systems have BIG blower motors which use more juice & put out more heat. All this is taken into consideration in ratings.
    Knew I was forgetting something.
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    the Great Pacific Northwest
    200 cfm per ton
    30 deg delta
    30% more latent capacity than conventional
    Much larger coils with factory installed TXV's
    Follow their rules they don't take well to cheaters.

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    no dont do it

    match conderser with a coil.. It that simple..


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    Thank you all for the information. The unit is matched and working fine.

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    Don't know much about Unico, but I have learned over the years, that with the conventional AC split systems,(those that are missed match,larger cond. than coil) you can do best by balancing the system with the Temp. difference across the coil. The gauge readings will not necessarily give you a true reading. I was taught to use the TD across the coil and try to get maxium difference of TD by adding or removing refrigerant,this has worked well with flowraters or metering devices. I have been able to get good performances out of systems that had been mismatched and overcharged by using gauge readings only. Many times, I am sure, some techs don't bother to check the coil size before charging a unit. Most of the mismatched units, I have found on rent houses.The landord wants the cheapest way out and some jackleg will put whatever he has on hand to make some extra money.

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