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    I noticed the two of you are women working in this field and/or are wives working for your company. I, too, am the in-house accountant/answering service/dispatcher/secretary, etc. in our own small business and would like the opportunity to perhaps bounce some ideas off each other in the same position. And if there are others of you I welcome the chance to get to know you all!

    I'm not dissing you guys, if you're running your own office & your women are out there in the field doing the grunt work I want to hear from you too!

    Anyway, my email is if you'd like to collaborate.

    Thanks and I'm happy to have found this site!

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    Dice will be checking in soon.

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    Question how can I legitimately post my contact info?

    I'd like to be able to share info with other people without wasting other people's time. I guess I understand why my email was deleted, so that other posters can see our disvussion, but frankly I don't have time to hang around on this site all day.

    How about it? How can I post my contact info?

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    Hey Pikes Peak.

    This site is so we can all learn from others experiences. I don't think it was intended as a meeting place for others to just exchange contact info. Don't worry, you don't have to hang out here all day, just check in for a few minutes, answer a few questions and ask some new ones. Where you say [QUOTE "I'd like to be able to share info with other people without wasting other people's time"] I'm kicking around having my bride join my biz and would very much like to reall all that all of you have to say. It would not be a waste of my time at all.

    BTW.... are you from near Co Sprgs?
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    Hmm Not again!

    I am starting to regret having helped make the choice in naming our company. ;-) Pike is the last name of the owner, my fiance. He liked the name Peak Performance but we wanted something catchy. I came up with Pike's Peak Performance so that people would remember it. We are in Georgia though.

    Our friends joke we should have named it Twin Peaks instead of Pikes Peak. LOL.

    OK, I see your point. I didn't think of that viewpoint.

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    If you have a website then list that and set up a contact link. If you don't have a website think about setting one up. Even the smallest business can benefit by having one. It's not too dificult to do and add's an aura of legitimacy to some.
    Welcome to the site by the way. BC isn't picking on you. Simply enforcing da rules.

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    Smile Website

    We do have a domain but I haven't gotten the website together yet. Business is booming right now and I've been so busy with proposals and doing the books and looking up hard-to-find parts, etc.... I'm not complaining, mind you! But it's hard to find good help around here! :-)

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