I am in Lebanon Tennessee, about 17 miles east of Nashville, zip code 37087

I was wondering about the comments about sizing of the units and so I did some looking around and based on our size how far off are we?

Our Downstairs area is about 2675 heated, and upstairs is about 1250 sq ft heated. All Wood floors, 2x4 framing with brick and stone outside, R13 in walls, R30 in the attic. The windows will be either Pella or Sun Windows, Wood Double hung, aluminum clad, argon gas, Low E insullated which are the top end windows. We do have quite a few windows and french doors. We have a raised foundation with an aproximate 3' clear underneath. 2 fireplaces, 1 36", 1 42" both wood burning manufactured design with glass doors.

I decided to use 5/8" drywall. 9' ceilings in both the upstairs and down stairs (10' in my office area).

Like I said, I have seen this builders quality and he is top knotch. If anything, we are over designing for efficiency in the area, but that saves money, right.

I appreciate everyones comments, I am the first to stand up and say I do not claim to know about this stuff, only what I read and the specs..

So, perhaps you guys can look at the sizing again for me and I will go back to the contractor.. and any ideas on usuage costs would be wonderful.

By the way, I have the drawings on disc and can email the floor plans if needed.