Well, Im not trying to be a pain, but, I just thought if the companines can say that X seer is 10, 20, 30 percent more than X seer that using a control model one could get an idea of costs. I do understand it's not that easy to figure out, but hey, this is the age of the computer and I"d think that a model could be generated along with the load calcs to estimate costs. Perhaps the units are just not that predictable.

I would think that if you took a 10 seer 5 ton unit that it draws X amount of electricity, and that amount times the cost per KW (which is 6.5cents) in my area one could come up with an estimateed cost. Now when you go to the 14 seer that 5 ton unit will use X amount of electricty and times 6.5 cents I'd come up with the difference, perhaps that's just the way my mind works.

As for cars, the industry for cars gives a average MPG, it's listed on each window with a range, for example, my car shows a 24 - 28 MPG range, but, 3 trips lately I got over 30 mpg. now that made me happy..

I guess I can use the 10%, 20% and other "Savings" factor and try to justify the extra costs but, right now I've not been able to see a justification of 70% increase in equiptment cost.

I"d just be happy to see a list of unit costs per ton, I have seen them on many manufactures equipt like Reem, Rudd, and Goodman I can see the delta difference between the 10 seer and 14 seer units in the same family, and the increase range from 20 to 30% in equiptment costs so that again makes me question a 70% increase in my quote. I have not necessarly asked for exact pricing but a delta difference between units from 10 to 12 to 14 seer on the 2 ton, 2.5 ton and 5 ton units. I am also interested in the delta on the single speed air handler and the variable speed hair handlers.. so far, Ive been unable to get this type of information from the contractor!

Using that If I want a car with an V8 Vs a V6 or even a 4 I know what that upgrade price is.. and I can make a intellegent decesion, right!

Again, Im just trying to jusitify the additional cost the contractor is giving me to be more energy efficient. .That's all, I don't want his price's just the delta difference. is that so hard to figure out?