Well, the HVAC guys I am speaking with are highly rated in the area by most ocntractors, they have been around 20+ years and are well respected. I am sure they did a load calc on the home, they had my plans and the unit sizes were based on the load calcs. I even went to the 2nd guy in town and he came up with similar sizes for the equiptment, I guess I could get a 3rd opinion..

I understand that this forum does not allow specific pricing and I am trying to respect that, but what I was just trying to see is that if I have 10 seer units as a base line and go to a 12 seer package 5 ton unit dual fuel HP, and a 2.5 ton 14 seer split system, variable speed and a 3rd unit 2 ton 14 seer split system in the studio is the upgrade in the "equiptment only" of $8100 (original 10 seer estimate was %$13,500) out of line? or is it reasonible? I am told that the rough in, ducting and supply and retuns are the same for any units. (that is a 70% upgrade to my base costs).