I posted my situation here a few weeks ago and appreciated the response I had received, now I have had the opportunity to talk with and get couple of quotes on equipment and instillation and thought Id post an update.

Before anyone yells, I know that specific pricing is a no, no, and I can understand that, but saying that, Id just like to know if the numbers are lining up right or should I go further.

I have been told that given the design of my project that the design of the vents, outlets, returns and ducting would be the same for any of the options. Because of the design of the house and the detached garage and studio above the garage I will require 3 separate systems. The house, 1ea 5 ton down stairs, One 2.5 ton upstairs and either a 2 ton or 25 ton above the garage ( about 1,000 sq ft well insulated recording studio).

I am told that a standard 10 seer system is about $13,500 equipment and installation then to go to a 12 seer 5 ton Gas/heat pump (trane), a 2.5 ton 14 seer and a 2 ton 14 seer would be about $22,0000 I just find that extreme, its about a 70% ($8000.00) increase over the base 10 seer. Now in reading Ill be lucky to see a 20% cost savings per year My guess is that my electric bills will probably average $200 per month, and either way, a 20% savings would equate to only about $40.00 per month at 20% or in real numbers, 20 years to payback..

Perhaps Im missing something, I can understand a 20% increase for a 20% saving but, the numbers just are not coming out for me..

The dealer said I'd save $130 per month, but, honestly, I don't think we will see bills high enough to have that kind of savings.

Perhaps someone can make sense out of all this.. If its just an equipment issue, can it really be that high of an up charge or did they calculate this wrong.. ?

Thanks for your help.

PS again, I"m not asking for specific costs, but i'd like to know if the percentage Im seeing is typical?