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    Can anyone recommend a temp to voltage transmitter? (no display like Ranco). Something like -20* to 200* would be fine at 0-5 volts.

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    Given the temperature range, assuming this is for a duct air or water application. Kele sells some rangeable transmitters:

    You can get the transmitter/sensor mounted in the same box or seperately. Only problem for you would be the 0-5 vdc output. Almost all transmitters output 4-20mA, whic when applied across a 250 ohm resistor would give you a 1-5vdc output.

    If this is an industrial application you could go with someone like Pyromation with a transmitter integrated into the sensor head:

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    1-5 is the most common,can you scale your input to 1-5

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    I'm stuck with 0-5 in. I can do a resistor split to transform 0-10 to 0-5 though. Just wondering if anyone had a good brand experience.

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