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    You're in VT. I'm in NH. I'm a native Granite Stater - 42 years now. NH has been a forgotten state as long as I've been alive. We've been called backwards, hicks, & ignorant to name a few. I've loved it. No lines, no waiting. The past 5 or 10 years, NH has changed. Seems we've been discovered by the masses (and M*******s), and they're moving in by the thousands. We're losing our identity. Property values have skyrocketed. And I think there's more of them than there is of us natives. This sucks.

    Is VT going the same way?

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    Ahyup! It sure is. You are getting them from Boston and we are getting them from NYC and Jersey. There are bumper stickers going around that say, "Don't Jersey Vermont"

    It got worse after 9-11. They only have to be in the big city 3 Days a week in order to make the big bucks. The rest of the time they just need a computer and a phone line.
    They run the financial world from their ski chalets.

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