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    I am building a house and trying to decide if I should go with one zone or two. What factors should I consider in making a decision? From reading in the forum it seems as if going to two zones can create many problems? Help!!!

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    If it is a two story house than it is best to zone it. One system upsairs and one downstairs. You could also zone one system if the contractor you chose knows how to do it.

    If you have a very large house it might be better to zone it also. Without knowing your layout it is hard to say.

    Two zones will not cause problems if done correctly.

    If you install two units it is unlikely both will break at the same time, so you have a back-up and will not freeze to death.
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    two floors..two zones. can not go wrong if installed right.

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    Key phrase, is if installed right.

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    One boiler, two air handlers and an indirect water heater and then you have a nice system

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    Originally posted by heaterman61
    One boiler, two air handlers and an indirect water heater and then you have a nice system
    Add an air conditioning system for each floor & you have it made. The evaporator can be on the same air handler as the heating coil.
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