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    im wondering how someone integrates lieberts into a lon network without gateways and i cant understand why they wont give up on that sitescan crap (alc)and just develop open drivers im working on a job where liebert lost out on selling 70 30 ton units soley because the customer didnt want to deal with sitescan,they bought data aire .it will be interesting to see how the change in the military control spec(all lon)affects there methods or sales

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    I don't see why the gateway was a big deal i have a field server converting a liebert system to Lon and it is running nice, able to read and write points to the units and so far its been quite reliable, setup was easy and almost idiot proof i don't get the reasoning for not wanting a (black box) type interface inbetween things,

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    im not big on controls, just was wondering how to easily integrate systems without buying sitescan thanks for reply

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