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    I am thinking about replacing my wooden windows with vinyl. Frames are in great shape with no rot (I painted the frames on the inside part before they were installed new.)

    Anyone of you installed these yourselves? Is it difficult?

    Are vinyl okay? Or are they cheaply made?

    Do you have demolish the inside of the window frame/repaint after finished on the inside?

    Anything else you could offer.

    Looked at some home improvement companies but holy be geez they want a fortune to do this.

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    I was just at home depot today looking at some replacement windows, they have a step by step set of instructions that don't look that hard. I think that the most critical thing is to get the measurment right for the windows you order. We had our windows replace about 8 years ago and the company that did it really carved up the trim on the inside.
    The windows install from the inside so you have to remove the trim from around the window, if you take your time and remove the wood with care the new replace ment windows screw in from the sides.

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    There are many "factory direct" companies that are reasonably priced. Many only charge about $20-$25 more than you can buy the windows at Home Depot for to install them. Figure on about $200 to $250 per window for standard sizes. There's some info on the Department of Energy web site about what you should get for your particular climate. There are some high pressure companies out there promising theirs are better and offering lifetime warranties even if you busted the window yourself....pass on those guys. A guy that used to work for me fell for their sales pitch and paid $5000 for 12 windows in a ranch house. He took the day off to be there when they came. The guy showed up with two helpers, he talked on his cell phone the entire time he was there and the helpers installed all 12 windows in 2.5 hours including caulking! And people think there are ripoff artists in this business. Well a rep that hadn't called him back came by that afternoon and had a good laugh at him. The rep showed him that he installed the exact same model window for $199.00 each!

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    Yes Vinyl are fine, If you buy them from DIY stores then buy the better quality ones you will find the cheap ones there as well but in the long run not realy worth the money if you plan on being in your house a long time.Like seaboard mention try factory direct as well. Be warned though if you need custom size it will cost a bit more.

    None of them are that difficult to install, take off your trim boards and get a good rough size measurement and match up your choices from there.

    Just be careful when you remove your trim boards both in and outside so that you don't destroy them, take your time and you should be in good shape, when you reinstall them make sure you have them level and plumb and seal any open spaces you have prior to reassembly.
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    I had a house in a historic district a few years back. The home was just under 1300 sq ft and had 19 windows + the fancy front door and the thin windows on both sides of it.
    The house was built in 1919 and all the windows were 7 ft tall and clear glass panes in paterns.

    I was trying to tighten up the house for central AC, and decided to get bids for new windows. There were only 2 companies that could/would make windows that were approved for the historic district, the LOWEST of the 2 wanted nearly $40,000!

    I moved, never gona live in a historic discrict again!

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    I paid a window company. House was only 5 years old but windows were trash. New ones are Ply Gem, made by Great Lakes. Incredible. They are now 10 years old, no problems. Amazing how tight they are. Severe storms and high winds are inaudible. I used to wake up from howling through the old ones. Mine are low-e, Argon filled, full screen, double hung, tilt, etc. Averaged $460 each installed. Could be much cheaper for cheap windows and if you DIY. I just wasn't gonna try. Only have 6 windows in the whole place!

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    If you pay to have someone install them, just remember that estimates are not written in stone
    I had 14 windows replaced by "Gilkey"
    All triple payne.
    Cost was around $450 per opening.

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