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    Hey man, if I blew the design temp on those loads, it was an honest mistake. That is truly the temperature I designed around. Still, can't understand how that happened.

    Listen, under any other circumstances, I think you and I would get along great. Many of the things you are saying (larger coils, slight undersizing for efficiency, etc..) are the things I have been saying for years. Many of those ideas were fights I got into when I first showed up here. Heck, I was impressed you didn't stick a four ton unit in that house like my contractor tried to do.

    But, all those things have trade offs. Larger coils with 400 CFM per ton reduces humidity control. Undersizing 1/2 ton without the customer being on board generates complaints and even the occasional lawsuit.

    That is why I am such a fan of modulating systems. I was in love with the old Trane variable speed units, and nearly cried when they took them off the market. I now work with two and three speed systems, variable indoor blowers, modulating scrolls, and other forms of capacity control.

    I did not mean to get cross-ways of you, I just reacted to your cocky attitude and denigration of our industry. My apologies.
    Hindsight is NOT a plan!

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    Where in theeeeee H E double hockey sticks have you been. Man seeing your name there was like, wowy zowy. Whats happening Mr Bama Cracker. And since it has been some time now in your new life. New job, house, state. Hows your life??

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    That's a big question many Ds. It'll have to wait till I have more time. Suffice it to say, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge.
    Hindsight is NOT a plan!

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    Bama has been in the witness protection program for some time now. After he quit his high paying job at Purina cat food, he relocated to the beach. Soon, all the mad kitty cats found out and were upset as the quality of the cat food went way down, some grey haired ladies living on social security were also PO'ed at Bama.
    They formed the "Old Bags And PO'ed Pussy's" organization and put out a contract out on our old buddy Bama.
    Even now he moves around the country constantly, always looking over his shoulder, changing his name and identity more often than the Jackal.
    Hey cockroach, don't bug me!




    Bring Em Home....

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    Hey Bama,

    We were playing the same game. I to am a big fan of modulating capacity its just natural, if the load modulates so should the capacity. Anything else should be an abhoration.

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    Ocean Pines, MD


    Good to see your back. All is well I hope.
    Loved the original 15-VS's too.

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    You can read a partial update here:

    Hindsight is NOT a plan!

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