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    I dont know..He knew..He didnt know

    Let's get this straight: Clapper admits he did not know about the arrest's of the terrorists in London. Next day Sawyer comes out and say's that she got an email from the white house stating that Clapper did know about it and that her question was "ambiguous" and that Clappers "knowledge was far reaching and profound". Now the story from the WH is that clapper just had not be "briefed yet". Not that it is any surprise that lies come out of the WH (D & R alike) but this is just bumbling idiocy. The man had already admitted he did not know about it on national television but they are so thin skinned they want to spin it around and tell a lie. Now they have egg on their face for not keeping Clapper informed but for telling lies and trying to cover up their ineptness.
    If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what will never be. (Thomas Jefferson 1816)

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    The bible is my constitution and the constitution is my bible.

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    When that guy applauds, do the lights go on and off

    means simply forcing some people to work to produce things for other people, who have no obligation to work.

    Thomas Sowell

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    What a complete buffoon.

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