I got issues with this unit. Inducer failure code, 3flashes, on call for heat. Trane's literature refers you to an Inducer troubleshooting guide which our local rep could not locate . . . hmmph. I've narrowed the problem down to the inducer itself. A visual inspection reveals damaged circuit components on the control board however due to the price of the new inducer fan assembly (near 400clams), I need to be sure.

I got 115v into the inducer's control board, a good neutral, 13vdc off the main board. Hi to dcNeutral checks 11.9, Lo to dcNeutral checks 11.9 (WhiteRed, and WhiteOrange) seems to be the neutrals for either low fire or high fire.

On the main board status lamp blinks slowly, Inducer speed lamp blinks slowly. Call for heat, status lamp blinks rapidly, speed lamp goes out. After 10seconds or so, no inducer startup and the 3flash code.

Verified the condition and function of all other safeties including the inducer high temp safety (closed), inducer LPS open, HPS open, Hi Limit closed, rollout open.

What's missing here?