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    if a building were to go up today, what do you think the controls system will be? Let's just say it's a typical building in a typical city in the US. Base on what you think is the current trend, what is the probability that it's going to be Seimen, Honeywell, Johnson, Trane, Carrier, Staefa, Cylon, etc.?

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    LONWORKS! using many different manufacturers devices, that is if the the engineer is not a misquided BACnet pusher.
    "There are 10 types of people in the world.. those who understand binary, and those who don't."

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    Unfortunately I think most engineers are still mis-guided. From what I see it seems that it depends on what part of the country you are in. In my area Honeywell and Staefa are almost non-existant and I never heard of Cylon at all. Trane and Johnson are the 2 primary players with Carrier running a very distant third along with others like Andover, Alerton, Automated Logic, etc

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    I'm starting not to care about the plan/spec world.

    I have a project I'm working on currently that has went forward as plan/spec that I'm talking directly with the owner about. I find oftentimes these plan/spec engineers talk far more than they know about building automation.

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    sorry to say in plan/spec its usually what ever was on sale that week! More quality controls are found in design/build projects where the long term operation on a facility in mind.

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    I think Johnson has made a commitment to reclaim a lot of territory that they had given up on in the past I think they will eventually remember why they gave up on it.

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    Trane. Around here it's a definite conspiracy. They have 95% mechanical market penetration and include controls for free. They are trying to monopolize the controls around here like they did with mechanical. How can you possibly bid against free? Let's see, you want a chiller? That will be $50 thousand with controls. Oh, you don't want controls because you work with a control contractor? It's still $50 thousand.

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    The "players" in every area of the country and indeed the world are different but the "game" hasn't changed a lot in a few years. The big guys are still pushing their market share and talking nice about being bacnet (but they really aren't). The smaller players are willing to go all the way to native bacnet or LON. LON is the trend and will continue to gain share as it is specified in more stuff by engineers. You have to understand that the big guys have a lot at stake.
    Another trend.
    So many companies want to be a one stop shop now for a client. They want the mechanical work, controls, access, fire, & monitoring. It sounds good but no one is doing it well.

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    The big controls companies will always be around, and there will always be younger, smaller companies to fill a niche or capitalize on the big boys difficiencies. Big equipment manufacturers have been (and will continue to)buy up big and small controls companies so that owners have one-stop shopping. That is why BAS communication standards/protocols are so important, so that you will never be locked in to one vendor or manufacturer or vendor. Diversity will remain a valued commodity.

    Allowing machine-to-machine and system-to-system communications and interoperability will be critical, and with the advent of web-based control systems this is probably the most important trend to follow. As more and more systems will need to reside on or interface with a building's IT infrastructure, the ability of the BAS to provide Web-services or XML applications (similar to BACnet) will become a priority. BACnet or LonWorks will be less important than seamless integration with building IT backbone.

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    low bid

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